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He never wished to abduct her.
Can he help her escape?

   Ling Loi came from Canton, China; Luke McDaniels from Minnesota. Each of them find themselves trapped in situations from which they desperately wish to escape. They cross paths in the raucous gold mining town of Lundy high in the eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains after two unscrupulous men deny them their freedom and threaten their lives. Are the differences which separate them too great to overcome? Or, will they join forces to free each other to claim the futures they each desire?

This action-packed, sweet romance set in a remote county in eastern California in 1884, although fictional, contains many scenes that were inspired by actual historical events and several historical characters.  

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Available September 4, 2019
Escape from Gold Mountain
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A duet within the multi-author series,
The Widows of Wildcat Ridge
Two widows ~ Two friends
Two secondary romances in each book
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